Note: you are viewing the development version of See How we work for more details. Section: w5 is a set of extensible schemas that enables webmasters to embed structured data on their web pages for use by search engines and other applications. For more details, see the homepage.

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The terms defined in this extension may be considered moderately stable, but some changes are still likely (including renaming and restructuring) through ongoing community collaboration. Organizations using this data are encouraged to join the community discussions linked here, and share their usage scenarios to help improve the schemas.

Terms defined in the 'w5' section.

Types (50)
w5:administrative, w5:administrative.device, w5:administrative.entity,, w5:administrative.individual, w5:class, w5:clinical, w5:clinical.careprovision, w5:clinical.diagnostics, w5:clinical.general, w5:clinical.medication, w5:conformance, w5:conformance.behavior, w5:conformance.content, w5:conformance.misc, w5:conformance.terminology, w5:context, w5:financial, w5:financial.billing, w5:financial.other, w5:financial.payment,, w5:grade, fhir:id, w5:id.version, w5:infrastructure, w5:infrastructure.documents,, w5:infrastructure.information, w5:infrastructure.structure, w5:status, w5:w5, w5:what, w5:when.done, w5:when.init, w5:when.planned, w5:when.recorded, w5:where, w5:who,,, w5:who.cause, w5:who.focus, w5:who.source, w5:who.witness, w5:why, w5:workflow, w5:workflow.encounter, w5:workflow.order, w5:workflow.scheduling

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